Red headed Mother and Baby in field during family lifestyle photoshoot
Portrait of filipino woman in front of yellow flowers during lifestyle photoshoot
Family with two children during family lifestyle photoshoot
Maternity portrait wearing reclamation design company lace gown during photoshoot
Happy Family at the lake during family lifestyle photoshoot


Hey! You found me...

Moments become beautiful memories

Family lifestyle outdoor photoshoot in lavender field

"Why should I invest in photographs?!" I hear you cry.

Photographs document real, raw moments and milestones from the bigger picture of your life. It flies by so quickly doesn’t it?
Don’t wait for the moments to pass you by, capture them, cherish them, give life to what might otherwise be forgotten. Imagine one day looking back and that warm feeling of nostalgia will wash over you. That was you then, look how far you've come!

Anna Maternity lifestyle Photoshoot by Simply Birth Photography

I'm a Mother and a Partner

I’m on this journey too, I watch my babies change almost before my eyes and can’t believe how they grow and even how I have evolved. It is my deep belief that these moments are the magic that make up the tapestry of our life and it's so important to me to document them.

mum and baby kissing head family photoshoot

What are you waiting for?

For the wild at heart, the free spirits, the messy and raw. I’m here to focus my lens on you, to adventure, to laugh (maybe even cry) and most importantly of all to capture the essence of your story, now, the real life moments. So let's do this thing!