Hand holding virtual shoot gift certificate.

As the dreaded C word continues to threaten the status quo, or really the last vestiges of it. Searching for “best gift experience” can start to be a little disheartening. Will your loved one be able to travel to it? Will it be cancelled? What if they get sick?! So many what if’s can be a real bummer when still wanting to give the gift of an experience. 

In addition to that the old faithful gift of a framed photo might be a little tough too. These past few years have made it somewhat difficult for a lot of us to update our family photographs. 

Yet life is still continuing. We’re still getting married. Babies are still being born. Still moving in together. Wouldn’t it be such a travesty to not have the photographs that mark these special times?

What if I told you there could be a solution to all these and even better it could be done without even having to leave there house?? 

Virtual Shoots are the new thing in the Photography world and they are the perfect antidote to potential lockdown blues. 

The client downloads a totally secure app and gives the photographer through a secure link permits me to have remote control of the shutter on their camera. It will only give access for the duration of the shoot. Images will then be sent directly to me via the cloud. I even receive them in RAW – the best high resolution version of the images and professionally edit them before sending them off to you.

The whole process is so easy. It is super enjoyable and best of all can be done from anywhere in the world. It really is the best gift experience that can be given. Especially at the moment as you can guarantee that it will be able to go ahead!

Photographs mark so many amazing things in life and are a true treasure. Heirlooms you may say.
What better way than to give the gift of an experience that culminates in professionally edited images?!

Purchase a Virtual Shoot Certificate for the person in your life who appreciates the special things in life. They cost only £75 which will include 3 professionally edited High Resolution images from the shoot.

The receivers of your gift will have the option to purchase more images from the shoot.

What are you waiting for? That is Christmas sorted!