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Stunning Dress Hire for Photographers and Clients.

Woman in forest wearing flower crown and vintage lace reclamation design company gown for lifestyle photoshoot

Dress Hire

The first dresses we have on offer to rent are from the spectacular Reclamation Design Company from Vancouver Island.

Lauded worldwide for their beautiful vintage lace sourced from all over the globe. We are the first to offer these in the UK which is quite an honour.

These dresses are one of a kind due to the nature of the lace and each dress is available to rent for a limited amount of time. Their gorgeous boho vibe will leave you with an ethereal shoot that just will not go unnoticed.

If you would like to use one of these dresses for a shoot that you have planned (even if it’s not with me - I won’t be offended!) then take a look at the rental shop and see which dates we have available.

These dresses are known as travelling dresses as they are sent from one hire to another, hence the name Wild Rover, in keeping with my Irish roots, love of a little tipple and my nomadic heart.

If not sure what I’m talking about? Go listen to The Dubliners - Wild Rover immediately!

Reclamation dresses in action

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