Veni. Vedi. Cepi.

I came. I saw. I captured

Mum holding up baby girl in front of flowers at garden centre during family photoshoot

What's in a Photograph?

Photography is about connection.

Documenting a moment, a caress, the way your eyes crinkle when they smile. Seeing the sweet gaze of shared between baby and its Mother. Lovers embrace, hands that have held each other for many years.

Photography empowers.

Photographs are a special little note, tucked inside an old favourite jacket for your future self to find, to look at with eyes beautifully aged by wisdom recalling the person you have been in the different chapters of your life.

Kind words about my photography

Happy Family with baby outdoor photoshoot by the sea Happy Family with baby outdoor photoshoot by the sea

Love Notes

Karen and Family

"I've worked with a handful of professional photographers and Anna's work along with her fun, positive, professional and artistic eye sets Anna apart from the rest.

My husband wasn't super keen to do the shoot at first but we both said afterwards that we had a blast and that we'll cherish the memory of taking the photos, and the pictures turned out phenomenal."

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