Choose a Colour Palette to work from first.

Think of colours that look good on you and your family and that compliment each other. Neutral tones always looks great in in photographs and have a timeless feel. Earth tones can be really complimentary. Pick around 4 colours maximum to work with. Take a look on Pinterest and search  colour palette’s for inspiration.

Colour Palette for styling Red Desert
Start with Mum

Look for the dress of outfit you will be wearing first as it’s important you feel comfortable and beautiful. Chances are it will be easier to find children’s outfits to compliment this than the other way around. Find your statement piece – flowing dresses always give a nice feel to photographs and make you feel special.

Mum kissing babies head in a greenhouse

Make sure the children are comfortable so that they are relaxed at the shoot. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures and colours but always remember complimentary is better than matching.
Babies look cute in a romper or even just a nappy (diaper!) And knit socks. Reusable nappies or a knit nappy cover look great.

Dad hugging children at seaside

Dad will look great in a soft cotton or linen shirt or chinos, jeans are also fine but make sure they are smart and not ripped unless that’s the vibe you’re all going for! If we’re dressing up more then suit pants and braces (suspenders) and a Grandad colour shirt are a classic go to.

Dad with laughing baby on shoulders
Solo Portrait Shoot

Choose something you feel great in. Flowing dresses photograph beautifully. Timeless classic dresses or a gorgeous pair of loose flowing trousers with a coordinating top. I always love a cute knit and shorts for a more down to earth shoot. What would you wear frolicking through a field if you were in the movie you imagine you’ll be in one day!

women posing by the sea
Textures over patterns

Patterns can tend to distract from the main subject – you! Textures like lace, knit, pleated dresses however can compliment rather than overwhelm. My go to is always a henley top with waffle print for the boys.

Rules are made to be broken however as sometimes a patterned piece can tie in all the other outfits together. I like to stick with texture as it doesn’t age a photo in the same way.

Family at Lavender farm
Surroundings and Time of the Year

Think of the location of your shoot and what the light will be like. Will it be winter and snowing or surrounded by deep evergreens or light and airy in your home for a home shoot? Deep rich colours and layers work well in the cooler months and light and breezy neutrals with comfortable linens and cotton do well in home shoots.

Girl at sea in blanket

Avoid logos and wording on your clothes – choose a classic style over current trends.

Don’t forget shoes!
They can make or break an outfit, clean them or go shoeless, whichever goes best with the shoot.

Family photoshoot at lake

A well styled piece will add interest to your photographs – a beautiful knitted bonnet for your baby or a felt fedora thrown in.
If you are worried about certain areas of your body (you shouldn’t be as you’re beautiful) but a big chunky necklace can tie well into an outfit and draw the eye to your face.

“Embrace all that is you”